About me

Side Plank StretchI first studied yoga in college and I’m tremendously grateful for the good luck to have signed up for a semester long course, since I’m one of those people who wasn’t “hooked” on my first class. Even so, over the course of several months, I came to recognize and love the sense of ease in body, mind, and spirit that resulted from my focused yogic practice.

Around the same time, I began practicing meditation. Each day, I continue to feel tremendous gratitude for my meditation teachers, both those I worked with in person and those I met through books (often referred by those wonderful beings who shared their meditation practices with me).  Meditation had provided me with many gifts, including patience and compassion, and a deep knowing that all is sacred space, and that Love is the root of all.

Enjoying the feeling of integration and peace, I continued to practice yoga, meditation, and martial arts while earning a degree in ecology and (later) launching a computer consulting career. A few years ago, I began teaching yoga regularly (as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, through Core Power Yoga) as an initial step in a process of shifting into a second career in health care (as an occupational therapist – a career into which I am evolving).