Reclaimed and Repurposed art

Microbrewery FramesSince my boyfriend owns a small homebrew supply store, I created some frames made of beer cans from local craft breweries to brighten his retail space.  The frames pictured here were re-purposed, and covered with beer cans from Colorado microbreweries, clockwise from left: Oscar’s Blues (Longmont), New Belgium (Fort Collins), Ska (Durango), Avery (Boulder), and Great Divide (actually, beer caps… Denver).

Frames are available exclusively at The Bald Brewer in Longmont, Colorado.

sea glass candle holder Strolling on beaches in Hope Town (on Elbow Cay, within the Abaco islands in the Bahamas), my boyfriend and I kept an eye out for sea glass and shells that had washed ashore. He found this wonderful piece of sea glass with a thin layer of coral attached. Since it was a bit large for a pendant, I wrapped it as a decorative piece for a candle holder (creating a hook of silver, meant to resemble a bundle of twigs).